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Welcome to the 118th MP CO (ABN) Association

The 118th Military Police Company Airborne Association was founded in 2013 to honor the veterans of the 118th and to support those on active duty serving in the "Mighty 118th."  The bond between the soldiers who served in the greatest AIRBORNE MP company in the world is second to none.  The association board would like to welcome you to our website. Please take a look around, ask questions, make suggestions and join the association.    

​‘Tis the Season, Troopers!
On behalf of the Association’s Executive Committee (Two Past Presidents and Four Current Officeholders) Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and Merry Christmas.  From the spirited soles of our spit-shined Corcorans to the very top of our full-of-life canopies we wish each of you, our members and members-to-be, a festive Holiday Season.

PP Mitch (K9CSM), PP John (Leg8ter), VP Greg, Sec Tim, Treas Volt and the Decade Delegates from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s have been toiling away in the Association workshop to ensure we spread cheer across the unit and throughout the our fine organization.

Each of us have one, some of you have dozens, allow me to share a special 118th Christmas Story.  The unit had just proudly returned from it’s first combat operation since Vietnam Nam, Airborne-tabbed 16th MP Bde patch sewn onto our right shoulder and now uniquely flanking (left and right) each new combat vet in the unit.  Most of the Senior NCO’s kept their Vietnam combat patches (now...there are some experiences to be shared!).  A bunch zipped down to Hay Street for a new US Paratrooper tattoo.

On the heels of Operation Urgent Fury and the birth of today’s Joint and Coalition Warfare, the U.S. Army was ushering in a proud new breed of Paratrooper (MP and Support)!  Much of the unit would be returning a second time in January 1984, and then again a third time in March (Operation Island Breeze).  The plaque recognizing some of the Troopers from those Operations hangs prominently in the Unit Ops Room.

That group of Troopers, the 1983-1984 118th-ers, not only triumphantly returned from Grenada, but was also recognized as the best Military Police Company on the face of the Earth!  Awarded both the Eagle Award (Forces’ Command) and the Gen J. P. Holland Award (US Army).  The unit also won the award in 1971!

Since its founding, the Mighty Mighty has distinguished itself as a cut above, an elite fighting force, a unit where pasts are heralded and futures are forged.

Here’s the Holiday message.  A message of Giving, and a Unit that keeps on Giving.  Next time you are in the Unit Ops/Orderly Room, take the time to look at the Grenada plaque on the wall.  There are ~40 Troopers recognized from that special time, during that special year, from this very special unit.  That list of Privates to Lieutenant epitomizes the opportunities the 118th presents to each who pass through its hallowed halls.

On that short list of Mighty Mighty Troopers, there are One-timers and Lifers, there are Forever Brothers and Sisters. There is also a State Senator, a decorated Fire Chief, a 30 year Veteran Police Officer, many Police Sergeants, Lt’s, Detectives, Deputies and Sheriffs, at least 3 CSMs, at least 5 1SGs, a Major, a Lieutenant Colonel and a Colonel. Highly successful business leaders. The Unit Commander was an FBI Academy Graduate, the first M.P. Officer selected to be a Presidential Aide (George H.W. Bush), and a renown security professional and CSO for two Fortune 500 companies!   Each Paratrooper on that list took full advantage of the leadership and character-building opportunity the 118th presents and launched a wonderful, memorable and notable career.  Like so many before and after them - that’s the Legacy of the Mighty Mighty!  The unit molds leaders and difference-makers!

This holiday season, the Association wishes you all health, happiness and prosperity, and We challenge each of you to advantage every opportunity the Mighty 118th Military Police Company (Airborne) placed and places in your path.....a path of courage, integrity, generosity, reward and limitless greatness!

Share how this great Unit changed your life!  Join this fantastic Association and re-connect and network with it’s successful Legacy!

Airborne, Troopers!  All the Way, and then Some!
COL(R) Rick Greene, ‘82-85
Association President


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