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Welcome to the 118th MP CO (ABN) Association

The 118th Military Police Company Airborne Association was founded in 2013 to honor the veterans of the 118th and to support those on active duty serving in the "Mighty 118th."  The bond between the soldiers who served in the greatest AIRBORNE MP company in the world is second to none.  The association board would like to welcome you to our website. Please take a look around, ask questions, make suggestions and join the association.    


On behalf of the officers, and the entire Association, Happy Veterans' Day to each of you! The reason we can have the 118th MP Co (ABN) Association and the reason we can freely communicate our sentiments on social media is because you volunteered to serve this great nation and earned the right to be called Veteran!  This is your day!

Not only did you volunteer to selflessly serve to defend our freedom and our way of life, but you also volunteered to do so as an elite fighting force - Paratrooper!  Thank you for the privilege to have served along side you, to carry on your traditions and to set standards for you to exceed along your way.

As a member of this fine group of Airborne Brothers and Sisters, you represent the heritage of one of the greatest fighting forces the world has ever known.  The Mighty 118th Military Police Company (Airborne) continues to be the beacon of courage, integrity, and liberty because of the spirit of each of us that resonates in every hallowed hall of the unit.  Each of you have left your mark on the 118th, just as each of her fine soldiers are doing today.

Veterans all of us!  Bonded together forever!  Bearer of the coveted Maroon Beret, recognized worldwide as a fearsome fighter, bringing hope and freedom from the skies above!  
Stand tall, Troopers!  You answered the Call, and answered it again!  Veteran Paratroopers each of you!  Thank you for stepping up and jumping out!

Happy Veterans' Day, 
All the Way,


"The Watch"


This is our quarterly newsletter that is written and published by our Vice President Rick Greene with input from our membership